Cryosculpting Services

Cryosculpting is cutting-edge technology that has been proven to have a positive impact on pain from accident, injury, surgery, and just the pains of getting older. A treatment from Cryobod compliments other sorts of body work including massage, & physical therapy.

cryo toning
Cryo Toning
  Skin toning    

30 minutes • $275

If you have loose or thick skin with good underlying muscle and want to tighten the skin to show off definition than this is the service option for you.

cryo fat reduction
Fat Freezing
  Fat freezing    

1 hour and up • $400

Freeze fat cells in any preferred fatty area (ie stomach, upper arms, inner thighs ect). Slimming is also great for areas of excess skin that need tightening.

cellulite busting
Cellulite Busting
  Cellulite fat freeze    

1 hour 30 minutes and up • $400

This cellulite treatment firms and tones your thighs and buttocks. Best results are seen with package deals. Once you've achieved the look you want maintenance treatments are suggested once every 3-6 months

Cryo Facial

Anti-aging facial


30 minutes and up • $150

Customize your own facial treatments. We offer anti-aging, double chin slimming, and face lift facials.